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{November 15, 2008}   Yet more questions answered!

Keep an eye out tommorow for the next giveaway! It is Autism Awareness themed, quite a few nice goodies.

Flared0ne asks: What do you think about tools to help keep track of entries (like the structure some sweepstakes sites create, with flags and counters and public notes, etc) — any favorite approach you recommend?

I love the MySweeps feature on because I am so horrible at remembering the last time I entered something. It lets me know what I’ve already entered and when so I don’t disqualify myself! I stick with that site for my sweepstakes because of that feature. (well, and the message boards because of the awesome people there!)

Kerri asks: and do you work? and if you do how do you find time to sweep?

No, I don’t currently work so I have a lot of time on the computer. Entering contests and sweepstakes is probably more productive than playing games on the computer though, it helps me get things like Christmas presents that I probably couldn’t afford.

Elizabeth Ray asks: Have you been to any Sweepstakes Conventions?

No, I don’t have a way to get to them since I don’t drive.


{November 13, 2008}   Some questions are answered…

Lorie Corron asks: Where can we buy your book?

I think people misunderstood me…I’d didn’t write the book, the prize is a book by Carol Shaffer called “Contest Queen”. You can buy it on Amazon here:


Mrs. Mommy asks: What is the most useful item you have ever won besides cash or a car?

Well, I think honestly movie tickets to an advanced screening of Bee Movie. Odd answer, right? My social skills are terrible and it helped me get out of the house to do something with my sisters that was “cool”.

Donna asks: What is your dream prize?

I’d love to win a scholarship so I could go to a great school in Northern Virginia that right now is just way too pricey!

Jill Miller asks: Does your family support your contesting hobby, or do they think you’re about half nuts?

At first they thought I was nuts. Then they thought it was great. I gave my stepmom a membership to for her b-day and she’s hooked too! My almost 13 year old sister said the other day she can’t wait to be 13….so she can enter the 13+ contests!

{November 12, 2008}   Winner and a deeply felt sorry!

I did not expect to be away from the computer for so long! I will be working on answering the questions and YES THERE IS ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!! The owner of was kind enough to provide some goodies. Keep an eye out this weekend for that giveaway! Also, the reason comments did not appear right away is there is a moderation set on.


Oh….I’m forgetting something aren’t I? What’s that you say? OH! The winner is…


{November 2, 2008}   A giveaway!

I am giving away my copy of “Contest Queen” by Carol Shaffer!



This is a great book with lots of info and tips on contests and sweepstakes! (one of my hobbies)

All you have to do to enter is submit a comment with a question for me to answer here on the blog and an e-mail address! The giveaway will end November 8th at noon! You may enter as often as you want, 1 question a comment. If I get more than 50 questions I will host another giveaway next weekend!

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