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{November 15, 2008}   Yet more questions answered!

Keep an eye out tommorow for the next giveaway! It is Autism Awareness themed, quite a few nice goodies.

Flared0ne asks: What do you think about tools to help keep track of entries (like the structure some sweepstakes sites create, with flags and counters and public notes, etc) — any favorite approach you recommend?

I love the MySweeps feature on because I am so horrible at remembering the last time I entered something. It lets me know what I’ve already entered and when so I don’t disqualify myself! I stick with that site for my sweepstakes because of that feature. (well, and the message boards because of the awesome people there!)

Kerri asks: and do you work? and if you do how do you find time to sweep?

No, I don’t currently work so I have a lot of time on the computer. Entering contests and sweepstakes is probably more productive than playing games on the computer though, it helps me get things like Christmas presents that I probably couldn’t afford.

Elizabeth Ray asks: Have you been to any Sweepstakes Conventions?

No, I don’t have a way to get to them since I don’t drive.


blondiechick22 says:

Seems like tomorrow never comes. Where is this next giveaway!?

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