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{December 2, 2008}   The second giveaway!!!

Here is the second giveaway! (finally, right?!) The owner of was very kind to send me Autism Awareness goodies and I can’t wait to give some of them to YOU! I would recommend visiting her site too, she sells many different kinds of awareness items and the money she raises goes towards her Autistic son’s therapy. Here’s the goodies being given away (click on them to see the store listing):

Gift from God bracelet

Gift from God braceletAutism Awareness Puzzle Piece Ribbon and Charms Key Chain

Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Ribbon Tack Pin

Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Ribbon Tack Pin


Autism Awareness Bookmark

Autism Awareness Bookmark

Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Ribbon and Charms Key Chain

Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Ribbon and Charms Key Chain


Pretty, right? How do you win? You can enter up to three times with comments!
1. A fact about Autism and the place you got the fact from.
2. How does Autism affect you? (think about it)
3. A question you have about Autism.
Edit: Forgot to add, this giveaway ends December 20th. 🙂

sara marcy says:

autism has affected me because my 7 year old grandson has high functioning autism, its hard to express in words how i feel, its so overwelming at times,but it hasnt been that long since we found out and are still in the proccess of learning about it,we lost a lot of time with finding out when he was 6. the jewlery is so nice, a good way to express my support!!

Lisa says:

Autism has been a big part of my life for 8 years now. My son has HFA. It has been a blessing and a struggle. I am blessed with the most wonderful child,,He has taught so much. I am a better person because of him. Like all moms my biggest worry is about the future. More services for adults and teens with Autism need to out there.

Shelley says:

My brother has autism so I would really love to win this bracelet and I would wear it so I could get awareness for Autism.

Thanks so much for a great giveaway.

Liz R says:

My grandson is diagnosed with autism and I work with children in 5th and 6th grade who have autism. Since my grandson and his family live with us, it is a big part of our life.

Tara R. says:

A fact I have learned about Autism is that some children run away in a fight or flight response and it is called eloping. I found this on the Autism Canada website.

Tara R. says:

Autism effects me because my sweet son has Aspergers. It has changed my entire life.

Tara R. says:

A question I have about Autism? Are high-functioning autistic children (like my son) aware that they are different? At what point does a child learn that he/she doesn’t think like the people around him? Does it bother the child? How does it feel?

I have a lot of questions…

Cathy M. says:

1. A fact about Autism and the place you got the fact from.
One in 150 children are diagnosed with autism. From Autism Speaks website

2. How does Autism affect you?
My 7 yr old son has LFA, is non-verbal, and is a joy in my life despite the tremendous daily challenges.

3. A question you have about Autism.
Will there ever be a cure? Will my 5 yr old DD know her chances of having a child with autism someday?

Would love to win these items to give my son’s dedicated and wonderful teachers as holiday gifts!!


john says:

1. A fact about autism and the place you got the fact from.

April is Autism Awareness Month! From the Autism Speaks website.

john says:

2. How does autism affect you?

My son has autism…I should be saving for my children’s college education but all my time and resources are dedicated to his therapies.

john says:

3. A question you have about autism:

Will we ever find out what truly causes autism? And will we ever find a safe and effective cure?


Kim H. says:

1. A fact about Autism and the place you got the fact from.
Cost of lifelong care can be reduced by 2/3 with early diagnosis and intervention. (From Autism Society of America)

2. How does Autism affect you? (think about it)
I work in a special needs school which is specializing in Autism.

3. A question you have about Autism.
When will they ever come out with the definitive on how kids are affected?

1. A Fact about Autism:
1 in 150 children are diagnosed with Autism (from Autism )

2. How does Autism Affect you
Our beautiful son has aspergers and he is my angel:) He is four

What causes Autism? Will we ever cure it?
Thanks for raising awareness by your giveaway!

Kat R says:

!. a fact about autism, 1 in 150 children will be diagnosed with autism

Kat R says:

2. how does autism affect you….my 15 year old daughter has Aspberger’s and I learned to fight because of it, I fought the school system on her diagnosis (they insisted she was ADD and to medicate her or not to bring her back to school) I fought my insurance company and they paid to have her brain mapped. I fight for what’s best for my child

Kat R says:

3 a question about autism…. Is it hereditary and did I unknowingly pass the chances of having an autistic child on to all four of my children

Donna Hunt says:

1. “Autism affects about 1 in every 150 kids, but no one knows what causes it.” I found this on I didn’t realize that the cause of this disease has not been discovered yet. My son is in school with a child diagnosed with autism and at times it’s appalling to see the reactions of people who aren’t aware that this boy has a problem that isn’t his fault. He was in the same school system since my son was in preschool and it’s amazing to see how far he’s come since he’s started school.
Thank you for the contest!

flared0ne says:

Hey, dropped by to say hi!

I’ve won something from you recently, so please don’t consider this an entry, exactly. Just some tidbits of information that I saw which carried some hope with them…

A recent news report (it was being reported in many different places, but was the result of a formally filed document re: the AMA and (??)) states that recent brain-scan and monitoring studies have revealed a “signature”, a very specific response pattern, which has been found to be specifically characteristic of people with a diagnosis of autism. In other words, if they “run a test” and get some specific results, they can tell much earlier if there is a problem that needs to be addressed — and with autism and theraputic intervention, the earlier the better…

By using headphones and a very patterned set of noise pulses, they’ve been able to determine that an autistic child and a not-autistic child will experience a very small but significant DIFFERENCE in the delay between [a noise pulse happening in the earphones] and ‘knowing’ that they heard a pulse. That delay is longer for an autistic child — long enough to perhaps play a part in the relatively common inability to quite understand speech — apparently because it happens too fast, consonants don’t “stay around” long enough to be heard.

A corresponding delay in visual processing, associated with recognizing facial expressions, has been cited as one reason that many autistic children are quite fascinated by “Thomas the Tank Engine” — because his facial expressions don’t CHANGE that quickly, they can CATCH much more of what his face “has to say” than with quickly-moving people’s faces…

The implication is that maybe if we can slooowww things doowwnn a little, the frustration and the deficits won’t seem quite as large.

Sarah S says:

1. April is Autism Awareness Month! From the Autism Speaks website.

2. Autism does not personally affect me but I volunteer for various youth organizations who have autistic children I have grown to love and I mentor one and would like to better learn to help her.

3. Is autism heriditery? What gifts for Christmas are most beneficial for an autistic child? They are a child like any other child but if there is something that can help her better, I’d love to know and get it.

Jessica Davidson says:

I babysit a 7 y/o autistic boy and I learn a lot from him. He teaches me patience and the art of communicating through expressions. He has touched my heart in a very big way. I also have a question about Autism… I have heard from various sites, blogs, books etc…that some diets can help decrease autisum, such a soy diets. Is this true?

Amy Griffin says:

1. At Judeivine this summer we learned that some of the traits caused by Aspergers can be eliminated through training.

2. Autism effects everything we do. Before going to any new place we have to think it through and decide if our son will be able to tolerate the surroundings.

3. My question is are there really more cases of Autism now, or did people just not know how to diagnose it years ago?

blondiechick22 says:

i really dont understand this


hi I know families that deal with autism and I like to donate my art work to our local autism center fun drive every year. my work does well in raising money to help the children. keep blogging it’s good….pat

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