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{January 25, 2009}   I don’t eat food!

I was having a good time at the mall a few weeks back. Rode the bus there and this guy (around my age, 3 years older) starts talking to me and asks if we could hang out together. I’m thinking “Wow! This is cool, I have a new friend!” I was caught off guard when he asked me out to dinner. I opened my mouth and out came the statement “I don’t eat food!”

Oh boy…


{January 15, 2009}   Autism

Before I post, please keep in mind I will allow all *respectful* comments on this site. Calling anybody stupid or any other names means your comment will not be approved.


Autism…it is not a curse or a horrible disease you need to rush to cure and eliminate. The world would be a sad place without Autistics.  People with Autism have problems with social situations and sensory issues (lights, sounds, smells, etc. can bother us). However, we also have a different view on things that is as much so valid and important as a neurotypical persons. Every 1 in 150 people is on the Autism spectrum. Famous people on the spectrum include Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg, Nikol Telsa, and more. Autistics have invented things ranging from BitTorrent to exploding guitars for KISS. We have feelings, even if we do not express them like ‘neurotypical’ people. The cause of Autism is not known but there is research being done into it. (there is not scientific evidence proving any theory; not even vaccines) Some people with Autism can speak while others cannot. Popular Autism organizations such as Autism Speaks have very few Autistic members and do not reflect their intrests, rather they reflect relatives and professional intrests. Groups such as GRASP represent the intrests of those on the Autism Spectrum but not necessarily the families. There are many Autistics; both “high functioning” and “low functioning”; who have made known they are opposed to being cured. There is not currently a cure for Autism and many such claimed cures can be harmful and expensive. Some individuals have had success with special diets to cut out gluten and casien to control negative parts of Autism; while others report success with therapy, classes, and some medications.

The websites I would recommend for more information on Autism are:

et cetera