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{February 5, 2009}   Wow bargains!

My sister is having her 13th b-day soon, I am running around to stores trying to make an awesome gift basket. I know you shouldn’t play favorites, but I can’t resist, she probably ‘gets’ me more than anybody in the family! Anyways…her favorite Jonas Brother is Joe and I was delighted to go to the Disney store and find a poster of him for 99 cents! Full size, awesome poster. I also found a Camp Rock 1GB jump drive you wear as a bracelet. Too cool! BTW, you can buy it online for $6.99 here:

I have to admit, if they had other designs I’d be tempted to get one myself!


I also got the most expensive haircut in my life! I thought I signed up for the $14 haircut and shampoo but ended up with the $29 haircut. I didn’t have enough money but the lady cut the price to $23. I’m going to bring a thank you note and $10 to the place next time I go to the mall, to make up the difference and a tip. Gosh, how embaressed I was! (I’ll try to get a pic of my new ‘do up soon)


That was nice of the lady to cut the price down! You definitely got a good bargain on that!!!! I can’t wait to see pics!

By the way, happy early birthday to your sister!


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