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{March 27, 2009}   New Dora…does it bother you?

Okay, there’s a lot of outrage over the tween Dora. I don’t get at all what people are mad about. There is even a petition. Tween Dora (above) looks tastefully and modestly dressed to me. Yes, she has a “miniskirt”, but her legs aren’t even showing! I’m also not sure why it bothers people she enjoys shopping. Uhm, not to stereotype, but don’t most tween girls? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying to shop. In fact if Nickelodeon was smart, they could turn Dora’s new pastime into a way to encourage math and money management skills. Maybe people are just mad because Dora acting grown up reminds them their little girls are growing up too.


matt says:

This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

Nessa says:

I had not heard of tween Dora. I guess I need to go check her out! I like the idea of a tween Dora, I have a tween daughter and the idea of her favorite characters growing up with her, well it sounds great to me!

Chrysa says:

I don’t really understand all the uproar either. I think she looks cute and appropriate. I guess I heard that she is not appropriately dressed for going exploring in the jungle, but she could always put on a different pair of shoes for that!

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