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I just thought it was curious and nice that Arizona State University is now offering an M.Ed online in Special Education Consultation and Collaboration: Autism Emphasis. I’m not familiar with what exactly they will be covering, but here is the link for more:

On another note, I have been looking for free online courses for myself and am quite pleased so far with Open University’s OpenLearn at:


FTC plans to monitor blogs
The Federal Trade Commission is planning to regulate blogs. All that you would have to do to catch their attention is have a link to an online retailer.

A quote from the article:
“If the guidelines are approved, bloggers would have to back up claims and disclose if they’re being compensated – the FTC doesn’t currently plan to specify how. The FTC could order violators to stop and pay restitution to customers, and it could ask the Justice Department to sue for civil penalties.”

The guidelines are here:
Endorsement guidelines

Don’t worry though, if the guidelines get passed I’ll still say whatever I want. If they fine me I’ll raise hell.

{June 21, 2009}   Attention Hampton Roads…

If you live in Hampton Roads or visit Virginia Beach, there is one store you should check out:
X-Treme Media

If there was a geek heaven, it would be this store. It has everything you could ever want. How many stores could you go to and get a Super Nintendo game the same time as you get a Wii game? Or buy a Serial Experiments Lain DVD and a copy of the book “I, Robot”? They also have comics, action figures, tons of games, and more. Seriously, all three times I went there for a DVD, I found it. My dad was very impressed because he found a copy of Mortal Kombat on DVD. I had also been looking for the last DVD in the Serial Experiments Lain; found that; and I found a copy of Scannerz for Father’s Day there too. The icing on the cake is that the prices are great. I’m usually close to broke, so I’m not exaggerating when I say the prices are the best around.

Also, the guy who runs the store (according to MySpace, his name is Matthew), doesn’t seem to think I’m stupid or seriously disturbed. People tend to judge me before knowing me, because I talk oddly and well, when I’m happy I act…autistic. (duh, I am) But anyways, I get treated nicely everytime I come in the store. I had a few things to sell and babbled about it but he was fair and didn’t think I’m an idiot.

So, yes, I would recommend the store. One thing I didn’t know until recently is that they repair computers too! Whenever I manage to get some more money I’ll see if I can get my sisters’ computer fixed. (stupid thing literally won’t turn on)

{June 16, 2009}   Awesome T-shirt giveaway!

Recently I was contacted by Andy from Andy Monsters about two of his new shirts:


Awesome t-shirts, right?

Well, what makes these t-shirts right out amazing is that 100% of the proceeds go to charity! The Smile t-shirt’s proceeds go to Smile Train and the Wishing You Well t-shirt’s proceeds go to The Water Project

Smile Train performs surgeries for children born with cleft palates and The Water Project provides clean drinking water in 3rd world countries.

If you would like to buy one of Andy Monster’s rocking shirts, use the code “monsters” to get 15% off!

Also, since Andy has such a big generous heart, he has offered to let one reader of this blog win a t-shirt!

How do you enter to win?
You can enter in 4 ways (leave a comment for each entry)
1. Go to Andy Monsters and tell me what shirt you like best
2. Go to The Water Project and tell me one thing you learned
3. Go to Smile Train and tell me one thing you learned
4. Blog, tweet, or link to this giveaway! (one entry for each, please make sure to leave one comment each with a link)

To make things super easy to contact you, please put your e-mail in your comment like “Superman[at]”

The giveaway ends at midnight on July 24th, my b-day. (so I want lots of entries as a b-day present! 😉 )

{June 13, 2009}   Be posautive!

I LOVE this video!

Did you know June 18th is Autistic Pride Day? It was started by Aspies For Freedom and is celebrated by a small number of people all around the world.

Some people consider it to be quite political. I really don’t consider it so, unless a person chooses to be motivated in that way.

To me, I think it is a nice day for families to tell their autistic members “Hey, we love you just the way you are.” Regardless of where somebody is on the issues of curing autism vs. viewing it as neurodiversity; we should all be able to say that. It is one day where people should put aside the “war” on autism and unstead celebrate the autistic ones they love.

If you are intrested, there is an excellent article on autism pride here:

{June 13, 2009}   Wow, thank you!

Autism Learning Felt (

et cetera