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{June 21, 2009}   Attention Hampton Roads…

If you live in Hampton Roads or visit Virginia Beach, there is one store you should check out:
X-Treme Media

If there was a geek heaven, it would be this store. It has everything you could ever want. How many stores could you go to and get a Super Nintendo game the same time as you get a Wii game? Or buy a Serial Experiments Lain DVD and a copy of the book “I, Robot”? They also have comics, action figures, tons of games, and more. Seriously, all three times I went there for a DVD, I found it. My dad was very impressed because he found a copy of Mortal Kombat on DVD. I had also been looking for the last DVD in the Serial Experiments Lain; found that; and I found a copy of Scannerz for Father’s Day there too. The icing on the cake is that the prices are great. I’m usually close to broke, so I’m not exaggerating when I say the prices are the best around.

Also, the guy who runs the store (according to MySpace, his name is Matthew), doesn’t seem to think I’m stupid or seriously disturbed. People tend to judge me before knowing me, because I talk oddly and well, when I’m happy I act…autistic. (duh, I am) But anyways, I get treated nicely everytime I come in the store. I had a few things to sell and babbled about it but he was fair and didn’t think I’m an idiot.

So, yes, I would recommend the store. One thing I didn’t know until recently is that they repair computers too! Whenever I manage to get some more money I’ll see if I can get my sisters’ computer fixed. (stupid thing literally won’t turn on)


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