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{July 12, 2009}   Awww…what a cutie!

This is my hamster Hammie.


I love tote bags, but don’t they just seem so blah sometimes? A store logo or a recycle symbol isn’t very exciting. I carry one with me almost everywhere so I was delighted to discover the tote bags made by Bored Inc!

Bored Inc. has Decorama™ vinyl wall art, tees, tote bags, jewelry and accessories on their website. They proudly proclaim they want to make your life a little bit cuter! Well, I fired off an offer of a product review here on this blog, and guess what? They agreed!

A few days my siblings come yelling at me that I have mail, and my heart leaps when I spy this:

I had to contain my excitement and take pictures before tearing into the package to get at the goodies. Inside was a cute company card, handwritten note on Hello Kitty apple paper, 2 tote bags, and pins.

I am in love with my Lil’ Dumpling tote bag, as you can see:

In the pictures, the tote bag is carrying 4 boxes of Hamburger Helper, my planner, wallet, Nintendo DS, Business card folder, and a GIANT box of Rice Krispies.

The pins are cute and feature… poo!

Well, I figured straight away the best people to ask for opinions on all things featuring poo is my 8-year-old twin brothers. When it dawned on them what the pins were of, they started hysterically laughing. They also commented that the tote bags were “cool” then ran off making a song about poo.

Am I forgetting something…….? Oh yea! The giveaway! (just teasing, I didn’t forget) You have the chance to win:

Don’t Pollute Tote

Stinky Poo Button Pack

Here are they giveaway rules:
*Please put your e-mail address in your comment like this “lovely[at]” so I can contact you if you win!*
1) To enter you need to go to Bored Inc. and come back & leave a comment of what your favorite item is that Bored Inc. makes.
2) For a second entry, grab my button and put it on your blog (please leave a link to your blog)

This giveaway ends on March 31st, 2009 at midnight.

{March 9, 2009}   Today is National Napping Day
Random picture of a hamster napping

Random picture of a hamster napping

et cetera