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{July 26, 2009}   Want 50 bucks?

Okay, I don’t have 50 dollars to give you….BUT you can win that on my stepmom’s blog at Twincere Twinkles

She introduces herself much better than I can, because my main comment is she is a Registered Nurse and crazy busy.

You’ll also find a lot of other contests/giveaways linked to on her blog; but this is her first own giveaway.

{July 25, 2009}   Congrats to the WINNER!

The winner of the Andy Monsters t-shirt giveaway is:


{July 12, 2009}   Awww…what a cutie!

This is my hamster Hammie.

I just thought it was curious and nice that Arizona State University is now offering an M.Ed online in Special Education Consultation and Collaboration: Autism Emphasis. I’m not familiar with what exactly they will be covering, but here is the link for more:

On another note, I have been looking for free online courses for myself and am quite pleased so far with Open University’s OpenLearn at:

FTC plans to monitor blogs
The Federal Trade Commission is planning to regulate blogs. All that you would have to do to catch their attention is have a link to an online retailer.

A quote from the article:
“If the guidelines are approved, bloggers would have to back up claims and disclose if they’re being compensated – the FTC doesn’t currently plan to specify how. The FTC could order violators to stop and pay restitution to customers, and it could ask the Justice Department to sue for civil penalties.”

The guidelines are here:
Endorsement guidelines

Don’t worry though, if the guidelines get passed I’ll still say whatever I want. If they fine me I’ll raise hell.

{June 21, 2009}   Attention Hampton Roads…

If you live in Hampton Roads or visit Virginia Beach, there is one store you should check out:
X-Treme Media

If there was a geek heaven, it would be this store. It has everything you could ever want. How many stores could you go to and get a Super Nintendo game the same time as you get a Wii game? Or buy a Serial Experiments Lain DVD and a copy of the book “I, Robot”? They also have comics, action figures, tons of games, and more. Seriously, all three times I went there for a DVD, I found it. My dad was very impressed because he found a copy of Mortal Kombat on DVD. I had also been looking for the last DVD in the Serial Experiments Lain; found that; and I found a copy of Scannerz for Father’s Day there too. The icing on the cake is that the prices are great. I’m usually close to broke, so I’m not exaggerating when I say the prices are the best around.

Also, the guy who runs the store (according to MySpace, his name is Matthew), doesn’t seem to think I’m stupid or seriously disturbed. People tend to judge me before knowing me, because I talk oddly and well, when I’m happy I act…autistic. (duh, I am) But anyways, I get treated nicely everytime I come in the store. I had a few things to sell and babbled about it but he was fair and didn’t think I’m an idiot.

So, yes, I would recommend the store. One thing I didn’t know until recently is that they repair computers too! Whenever I manage to get some more money I’ll see if I can get my sisters’ computer fixed. (stupid thing literally won’t turn on)

{June 16, 2009}   Awesome T-shirt giveaway!

Recently I was contacted by Andy from Andy Monsters about two of his new shirts:


Awesome t-shirts, right?

Well, what makes these t-shirts right out amazing is that 100% of the proceeds go to charity! The Smile t-shirt’s proceeds go to Smile Train and the Wishing You Well t-shirt’s proceeds go to The Water Project

Smile Train performs surgeries for children born with cleft palates and The Water Project provides clean drinking water in 3rd world countries.

If you would like to buy one of Andy Monster’s rocking shirts, use the code “monsters” to get 15% off!

Also, since Andy has such a big generous heart, he has offered to let one reader of this blog win a t-shirt!

How do you enter to win?
You can enter in 4 ways (leave a comment for each entry)
1. Go to Andy Monsters and tell me what shirt you like best
2. Go to The Water Project and tell me one thing you learned
3. Go to Smile Train and tell me one thing you learned
4. Blog, tweet, or link to this giveaway! (one entry for each, please make sure to leave one comment each with a link)

To make things super easy to contact you, please put your e-mail in your comment like “Superman[at]”

The giveaway ends at midnight on July 24th, my b-day. (so I want lots of entries as a b-day present! 😉 )

{June 13, 2009}   Be posautive!

I LOVE this video!

Did you know June 18th is Autistic Pride Day? It was started by Aspies For Freedom and is celebrated by a small number of people all around the world.

Some people consider it to be quite political. I really don’t consider it so, unless a person chooses to be motivated in that way.

To me, I think it is a nice day for families to tell their autistic members “Hey, we love you just the way you are.” Regardless of where somebody is on the issues of curing autism vs. viewing it as neurodiversity; we should all be able to say that. It is one day where people should put aside the “war” on autism and unstead celebrate the autistic ones they love.

If you are intrested, there is an excellent article on autism pride here:

{June 13, 2009}   Wow, thank you!

Autism Learning Felt (

Okay..most people who know me know I’m obsessed with hamsters. I love my hamster Hammie SO much but she really would like to get some sleep during the day and my stepmom would like to not listen to hours of babbling about hamsters.

Well, there’s a TOY HAMSTER! And guess what?! There’s a giveaway for one too! Go to:

{May 30, 2009}   Oh my gosh!

I’m impressed with Newsweek, they had an article on genetic testing for Autism and an Autistic activist who opposes organizations like Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks and Newsweek have strong ties, so it’s surprising to see an article with the opinions of somebody who opposes Autism Speaks.

Genetic testing makes me nervous too. Moms-to-be could get the test and decide that Autism is some dreadful thing that dooms the kid and decide to abort. *sigh* Hopefully awareness will improve before the test becomes common place. Then it could be a positive thing, providing early help for Autistics from birth; allowing them to learn skills early yet still be themselves.

The article is here:

(BTW, any comments are welcome, just please refrain from name calling)

{May 26, 2009}   Apron giveaway winner!

Aisling is the winner of the apron giveaway!


Thank you everybody for your patience and tons of entries! 🙂 Aisling’s comment “Autism came from the greek word “auto” meaning “self”.” was randomly choosen.

I will soon be putting all the wonderful stress management tips from everybody into a posting.

{May 4, 2009}   Yum!

There is a giveaway over at Busy Mom for 10 coupons for Tyson Any’tizers. Well, this giveaway combines two things I love: Free stuff and chicken! There is over 5 different kinds of Tyson Anytizers and most of them I would love to eat! Of course I would share, I have 4 siblings and they aren’t intended for one lone person. The giveaway is from a “mom” blog but anybody can enter, so go! Busy Mom Tyson Giveaway

{May 1, 2009}   Winner!

The winner of the book giveaway is…*drumroll*

Emily R.!

Congrats and look for an e-mail from me to get shipping info!

{April 25, 2009}   Neurology Now letter

Neurology Now is a great free magazine with intresting content. I was dismayed though by their choices of Autism resources so I wrote them this letter:
“I am an autistic adult and enjoy reading your magazine. However, I was disappointed to see only Autism Speaks and Autism Society of America listed in Resource Central. Despite the name, Autism Speaks is not run for or by autistic people, and the Autism Society of America primarly helps parents and families. It would be fair to include a resource like the Global and Regional Asperger Syndome Partnership (GRASP) that is run by and for autistics ( The site includes hotly debated issues surrounding autism and its treatment. For example, Autism Speaks and the Autism Society of America both would like a cure for Autism and GRASP would not.”

Well, guess what?! They published my letter and added GRASP to the listing.

So if you are bugged by something in a magazine or newspaper, write them! You may be pleasantly surprised that they care and may change!

I wonder sometimes how my family would be different if I wasn’t Autistic. Would life be easier for them? Would my parents stress less? I think indeed life would be different, but not better. In my own wacky way I help sculpt my family into the people are, as they change me by who they are.

I have a lot of respect for families dealing with a special needs member. Especially parents! They want so badly to help their children, yet find them many times to be challenging and confusing. Well…

I have a surprise giveaway!

Carolyn’s Kitchenhas been kind enough to sponsor a giveaway of this apron:
sweetheat apron

Carolyn’s Kitchen has been featured in OK! and Paula Deen’s Holiday Baking issue of 2007 as well as with the Girls Next Door at Madame Chocolat Los Angeles. They are 40\’s vintage inspired and make anybody feel wonderful (and sexy!) to wear one! Put one on and tah-dah you are transformed!

To enter, you have three options (you can do all three, but leave each in a seperate comment!) :

1. Go to Carolyn’s Kitchen and tell me your favorite apron

2. Tell me a simple tip on how to relieve stress!

3. Give a fact about Autism

Please remember to leave your e-mail address like love[at] so I can e-mail you if you win!

This contest ends May 15th at noon!

{April 17, 2009}   Not all Autistics are Rainman!

The 1988 movie “Rain Man” is fascinating and good movie fare. There are a very select few with Rain Man’s skills. He has a condition called savant syndrome that results in an extreme talent at one specific area yet generally an otherwise low IQ. These skills can include card counting (like Rain Man), calender memory, an obsessive knowledge about one specific thing (such as baseball statistics or U.S. presidents) Half of savants are considered to be autistic.

However, it does get really annoying when people automatically assume autistic=rain man. I especially have no desire to let anybody know I’m autistic where I am right now; the Borgata at Atlantic City. Although I wouldn’t be allowed on the casino floor anyways since I’m not 21 until July. In any case I can assure you I have average skill at card games, I certainly cannot card count. I am lucky to remember today’s date, let alone one 50 years ago. Every autistic person is different, so please do not insult us by assuming we have the same skills as a movie character or somebody on the news. Just like non-autistics, we are each unique.

{April 12, 2009}   Hamster

[clearspring_widget title=”Hamster” wid=”4921d1bbde64b665″ pid=”49e27f1c0dd7afc3″ width=”133″ height=”100″ domain=””]

{April 5, 2009}   Emergency and Autism

Autistics can react in unusual ways to an emergency. They can become disoriented by the noise and confused by multiple people asking rushed questions. Others shut down to a minimal level to follow the rules needed to “solve” the problem. I strongly recommend having a “Autism” card for any child, teen, or adult who has Autism/Asperger’s. Also keep a paper with information on medications needed, allergies, etc. as the Autistic person may not be able to recall this information when needed.
Here is a sample card I made, feel free to use it:

Thought I’d share a few thoughts I’ve been told about Autism (not my own). Also, please feel free to comment with your own thoughts, all except spam will be approved.

“I am a mom of a child with autism. I wish more people were aware that he is a smart wonderful person. So often people assume he is not intelligent because he has autism! I also wish more people understood that at least for him,,even if he doesnt act interested in bieng friends he wants to be friends with people with all his heart!” -mom of child with Autism

“What I hate is people calling him autistic or saying they are autistic. This does not define him. He has autism, but autism is not who he is. Sry, I get kinda po’d”-mother of 12 year old with Asperger’s/High Functioning Autism

“It’s be cool if we had an autism-spectrum comedian on our side , one who told jokes that nobody got except other auties and aspies.
Or if they had an “Aspie Night” on Dancing With The Stars; being that nobody would be terribly physically coordinated, everybody would be graceful by comparsion.”-35 year old man with Asperger’s Syndrome

A lot of people assume Autistics do not care about others. In all the Autistics I’ve met, this isn’t true at all! However, it is difficult to figure out what other people are feeling. A classic example is I cannot for the life of me figure out crying. People cry when they’re sad, people cry when they’re happy. How the darn goodness do I tell which kind of crying it is? Heck, I can’t even tell you why I’m crying sometimes! So we may not know something is wrong. Once we figure out something is wrong, we often have no clue what to do to fix it. I know I would want to pet my hamster when upset, but other people probably don’t. Anyways…

Something that has helped is reading books that explain social skills and situations. Well, that is one thing that our giveaway sponsor, Free Spirit Publishing can help with!
Free Spirit Books

Their mission: Being the leading publisher of learning tools that support young people’s social & emotional health. We help children and teens to think for themselves, succeed in life, and make a difference in the world.

-They guarentee you will like their products or you get a full refund.
-They started in 1983
-They print on recycled paper containing a minimum of 30% post consumer waste as part of the Green Press initiative

They have books on everything from feelings to dealing with middle school to body issues. It’s just a wonderful site! And they like to help people so much, they have given me the book “Understand and Care” to giveaway. This book is fantastic, it is aimed at younger kids and explains clearly about other people’s emotions. The faces are well illustrated in what is being discussed. There is not a lot of text but a nice activity guide for parents in the back that includes questions and games.

To win, all you have to do is visit their site and name another book you like in the comment section on this post. Free Spirit For a second entry you can add my button to your site.

Please remember to leave your e-mail in the comment, such as “lovely[at]”
If you add my button to your blog, please leave a link to your blog in a second comment!

This Giveaway ends on April 30th at midnight. Good luck!

Congrats Jessica for winning the giveaway!

I will be contacting you via e-mail for shipping information.

Thank you everybody for entering the giveaway, I have another one coming up soon!

{March 27, 2009}   New Dora…does it bother you?

Okay, there’s a lot of outrage over the tween Dora. I don’t get at all what people are mad about. There is even a petition. Tween Dora (above) looks tastefully and modestly dressed to me. Yes, she has a “miniskirt”, but her legs aren’t even showing! I’m also not sure why it bothers people she enjoys shopping. Uhm, not to stereotype, but don’t most tween girls? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying to shop. In fact if Nickelodeon was smart, they could turn Dora’s new pastime into a way to encourage math and money management skills. Maybe people are just mad because Dora acting grown up reminds them their little girls are growing up too.

{March 27, 2009}   Drool

Okay…I went to Gamestop to get a new game for my Nintendo DS and the guy started talking about the Nintendo DS i. I have already decided to spend every extra penny I have and trade in my DS to get this. I *must* have it! My family (4 kids+me+parents) is riding in a car from lovely Virginia Beach, VA to New York! Not to mention random downtime. So a Nintendo DS i would be a sound investment!

The Nintendo DS i has a larger screen, plays music & movies, has a web browser, a camera with 11 lenses, and you can download exclusive games to it! I cannot wait to get my hands on one….They’re $169 but I only have to pay $100 if I trade in my DS. So, this baby is coming out on April 5, 2009.

{March 26, 2009}   The Blobfish

Have you seen this guy?

I saw this picture and was wondering “What the heck is that thing?!”

Well, it’s called a blobfish or a member of the Psychrolutes species. It lives far, far down in the ocean waters and has adapted to this. It catches prey by sitting and waiting for yummies to come by.

{March 24, 2009}   My gosh!

Talk about a depressing quiz:

Your EQ is 53

When it comes to understanding human emotions, you’d have better luck understanding Chinese.

You’re not exactly the most psychologically aware person. You don’t really know why people act the way they do.
It’s difficult enough for you to figure out what’s going on in your own head. Forget understanding anyone else.

You often feel bad about yourself and your life. But it’s hard for you to get yourself on the right path.
Consider getting help for your problems. It only feels like you have a dead end life.

What’s Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?

I love tote bags, but don’t they just seem so blah sometimes? A store logo or a recycle symbol isn’t very exciting. I carry one with me almost everywhere so I was delighted to discover the tote bags made by Bored Inc!

Bored Inc. has Decorama™ vinyl wall art, tees, tote bags, jewelry and accessories on their website. They proudly proclaim they want to make your life a little bit cuter! Well, I fired off an offer of a product review here on this blog, and guess what? They agreed!

A few days my siblings come yelling at me that I have mail, and my heart leaps when I spy this:

I had to contain my excitement and take pictures before tearing into the package to get at the goodies. Inside was a cute company card, handwritten note on Hello Kitty apple paper, 2 tote bags, and pins.

I am in love with my Lil’ Dumpling tote bag, as you can see:

In the pictures, the tote bag is carrying 4 boxes of Hamburger Helper, my planner, wallet, Nintendo DS, Business card folder, and a GIANT box of Rice Krispies.

The pins are cute and feature… poo!

Well, I figured straight away the best people to ask for opinions on all things featuring poo is my 8-year-old twin brothers. When it dawned on them what the pins were of, they started hysterically laughing. They also commented that the tote bags were “cool” then ran off making a song about poo.

Am I forgetting something…….? Oh yea! The giveaway! (just teasing, I didn’t forget) You have the chance to win:

Don’t Pollute Tote

Stinky Poo Button Pack

Here are they giveaway rules:
*Please put your e-mail address in your comment like this “lovely[at]” so I can contact you if you win!*
1) To enter you need to go to Bored Inc. and come back & leave a comment of what your favorite item is that Bored Inc. makes.
2) For a second entry, grab my button and put it on your blog (please leave a link to your blog)

This giveaway ends on March 31st, 2009 at midnight.

{March 14, 2009}   Have you heard?

Free food

This Full House blog is having a Triple Play: Frozen Gourmet Food, Free Dinner & Snack Giveaway!

You get a chance of winning 2 free coupons for the entree of your choice from Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods, 2 (two) $10.00 worth of complimentary coupons for Long John Silver’s Restaurants and 2 bags of Bear Naked Granola. Yummy!

And who would turn down a chance at free food? All you have to do is head over to This Full House and post a comment on her giveaway post. So get your butt over there, but don’t forget to get back here!

{March 9, 2009}   Today is National Napping Day
Random picture of a hamster napping

Random picture of a hamster napping

{March 9, 2009}   Dang it…

I love Church. Wonderful, nice people. I have friends, although they are several years older than me. So…I decided to try to make friends with those my own age.

We have a Sunday night service/social event for those around my age. (20s) I went to this and, well, failed. I didn’t even make it through the whole thing before I had to leave from being overwhelmed by the music and people. I went home and cried but my dad cheered me up. It’s just so dang frustrating, I’m 20 and not 5, I should know how to make friends with peers.

{March 9, 2009}   I am so green with envy!

I am so green with envy that the blogger at A Little Bliss got to review Bored Inc.! They got to review this cute, yet sturdy tote:

But wait…wait…you and I don’t have to turn green with envy! We can enter the giveaway at A Little Bliss for a choice of a wall decal AND apparel/bag! So go enter! Right NOW!

{March 8, 2009}   Why?

I’m reading Portia Iversen’s book “Strange Son” which is about her experiences with her Autistic son, another mother, and the other mother’s son. The question she persists in asking throughout the book is “Why?”.
Why do Autistics flap their hands and “stim”?
Why does my child have Autism?

I’m not on the same spot of the spectrum as her son Dov, or the other Autistic named Tito. However, I used to do a lot of strange hand motions, like I would walk around like an airplane with my arms out. When I was grade school aged, I loved to chew on the Barbie shoes. Not really “neurotypical” behavior. (those are just two examples) The why? I suppose it calmed me in a world with so much input. I have noticed cutting soda out of my diet has decreased the stimming behaviors.

The next “Why?”…why her son? I, of course, do not know why her son was chosen to be Autistic. I believe God has some reason for making me the way I am. Maybe He made me this way so I could try to help other people understand Autism. I can find peace in that I trust Him to be looking out for me. He doesn’t hate me, everything that has happened in my life has happened for a purpose; even if I don’t know those purposes.

Romans 5:3
“We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. 4And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. 5And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his alove.”

{March 7, 2009}   Not one, but TWO awards!

Wow, I’m excited, I have two awards, from Four Guys and a Gal and Texas Heartland

Thanks! This award is for blogs that show a positive attitude, I’m very happy about it. 🙂 Now according to the rules…
1) Put the logo on your blog or post.
2) Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude.
3) Link to your nominees within your post.
4) Let the nominees know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5) Share the love and link to the person from who you received your award.
So my ten picks:
1) Finding Yourself
2) Bella Casa
3)Chapter Two
4)Thrifty Jinxy
5)A Happy Hippy Mom
6)Money Making Housewife
7)Twincere Twinkles
8- A Daily Blessing
9)Learning Aspergian
10) Autism Insights


When you’re confronted with a problem, you know exactly how you want to handle it.
You are decisive and act quickly. Once you get the ball rolling, you don’t change course.

You can be a bit stubborn at times, but you have reason to be. You’re often right.
You are unwavering and brave. You do what needs to be done, even if it isn’t popular.

What Street Sign Are You?

{March 1, 2009}   Target

Target is an awesome store. It’s fun to dig through the endcaps and come out with a clearance treasure. I find everything from craft supplies for my latest project to video games to stash away from my siblings’ birthdays.

I especially love the bargain bins where you can get goodies for $1.00 to $2.50! I have an obsessive amount of headbands I grab up for $1 from them. I suck at getting my hair under control so a headband is a pretty and easy way to look nice.

Another thing I find there is scrapbooking supplies! I seriously cannot say how much Target has for the crafty gal. I recently found a cheerful monkey rug for $2.50. It’s not very big but it is so cute!

Another thing that’s nifty about Target is 5% of their income goes back into the community…over 3 MILLIONa week!
You can read all about what they do in the community here:

You Are 40% Conservative, 60% Liberal

Social Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

How Liberal Or Conservative Are You?

{February 20, 2009}   I love freecycle!

What Freecycle is:

“The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 4,682 groups with 6,459,000 members across the globe. It’s a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer (them’s good people). Membership is free. “

I signed up for the local Freecycle a few months ago and have watched the offers. Lots of kids’ clothing and items, but a spattering of other items. I also enjoyed discussions with others of the local Freecycle and learned fascinating things about my home city of 20 years! Great people, great info. Well I was elated to get a large hamster cage! My hamster Hammie is my baby and means the world to me. This cage is huge, it’s a large wire cage on top of a 10 galloon glass tank. It came with a wheel and some nice play structures. It took some cleaning but you can’t beat the price: FREE! Hammie is very pleased with her new ‘palace’. And THAT is why I love Freecycle!

{February 19, 2009}   Art Giveaway on Simple Finds

Look what Simple Finds is giving away:

8x10 print

8x10 print


I am in love! The very talented artist at the June Pfaff Daley Etsy shop made this and other witty 8×10 prints and magnets. To get to the Giveaway on Simple Finds, click the picture. To visit June Pfaff Daley’s Etsy shop, go here:


If you don’t win, guess how much the print costs? You think $50? No, it’s only $18! Also, she has ACEOs in her shop, which are awesome trading card sized pieces of art.

{February 12, 2009}   Finally!

The court said the evidence was overwhelmingly contrary to the parents’ claims — and backed years of science that found no risk.

“It was abundantly clear that petitioners’ theories of causation were speculative and unpersuasive,” the court concluded in one of a trio of cases ruled today.

The ruling was anxiously awaited by health authorities and families who began presenting evidence in June 2007. More than 5,500 claims have been filed by families seeking compensation through the government’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The claims are reviewed by special masters serving on the U.S. Court of Claims.

“Hopefully, the determination by the special masters will help reassure parents that vaccines do not cause autism,” the Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement.

With a name like “Autism Speaks” you would think Autistics actually are expressing their views and wants. Wrong. Autism Speaks used to have a horrible video up with a lady saying she would have driven off a bridge with her Autistic child if she didn’t have a “normal” child too.  Frankly I would prefer to be alive, not driven off a bridge by a psycho mother.  I really don’t see what gives them the right to call themselves “Autism Speaks” when they rarely invovle Autistic people in their going ons. So please, don’t support them. Try the Autism Society of America that is actually helpful and kind to Autistics.

{February 10, 2009}   For parents of special needs kids

As I was do my sweeping (not with a broom! It means to enter sweepstakes) I came across a product that looks like it would be very useful for kids who are highly visual and need a schedule. It’s called “Do-N-Slide”!
They have 3 styles right now: “Help Around The House”, “Potty Training”, and “Toddler’s Day”. The picture of what to do is on the left side and when the task is done, you move it to the right side that says “All Done”. So it’s pretty cool, go check out their website!

{February 5, 2009}   Wow bargains!

My sister is having her 13th b-day soon, I am running around to stores trying to make an awesome gift basket. I know you shouldn’t play favorites, but I can’t resist, she probably ‘gets’ me more than anybody in the family! Anyways…her favorite Jonas Brother is Joe and I was delighted to go to the Disney store and find a poster of him for 99 cents! Full size, awesome poster. I also found a Camp Rock 1GB jump drive you wear as a bracelet. Too cool! BTW, you can buy it online for $6.99 here:

I have to admit, if they had other designs I’d be tempted to get one myself!


I also got the most expensive haircut in my life! I thought I signed up for the $14 haircut and shampoo but ended up with the $29 haircut. I didn’t have enough money but the lady cut the price to $23. I’m going to bring a thank you note and $10 to the place next time I go to the mall, to make up the difference and a tip. Gosh, how embaressed I was! (I’ll try to get a pic of my new ‘do up soon)

{January 25, 2009}   I don’t eat food!

I was having a good time at the mall a few weeks back. Rode the bus there and this guy (around my age, 3 years older) starts talking to me and asks if we could hang out together. I’m thinking “Wow! This is cool, I have a new friend!” I was caught off guard when he asked me out to dinner. I opened my mouth and out came the statement “I don’t eat food!”

Oh boy…

{January 15, 2009}   Autism

Before I post, please keep in mind I will allow all *respectful* comments on this site. Calling anybody stupid or any other names means your comment will not be approved.


Autism…it is not a curse or a horrible disease you need to rush to cure and eliminate. The world would be a sad place without Autistics.  People with Autism have problems with social situations and sensory issues (lights, sounds, smells, etc. can bother us). However, we also have a different view on things that is as much so valid and important as a neurotypical persons. Every 1 in 150 people is on the Autism spectrum. Famous people on the spectrum include Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg, Nikol Telsa, and more. Autistics have invented things ranging from BitTorrent to exploding guitars for KISS. We have feelings, even if we do not express them like ‘neurotypical’ people. The cause of Autism is not known but there is research being done into it. (there is not scientific evidence proving any theory; not even vaccines) Some people with Autism can speak while others cannot. Popular Autism organizations such as Autism Speaks have very few Autistic members and do not reflect their intrests, rather they reflect relatives and professional intrests. Groups such as GRASP represent the intrests of those on the Autism Spectrum but not necessarily the families. There are many Autistics; both “high functioning” and “low functioning”; who have made known they are opposed to being cured. There is not currently a cure for Autism and many such claimed cures can be harmful and expensive. Some individuals have had success with special diets to cut out gluten and casien to control negative parts of Autism; while others report success with therapy, classes, and some medications.

The websites I would recommend for more information on Autism are:

{December 26, 2008}   Merry Christmas!


{December 22, 2008}   Winner of second giveaway!

Liz R. you are the winner of the Autism Awareness giveaway! Congrats!

{December 3, 2008}   Cool Etsy contest

I came across an awesome Etsy giveaway when I was looking through contests:

This contest is all about promoting mom blogs and small businesses (especially run by moms or for moms). Etsy is a site that has thousands of small shops that each sell handcrafted items. I have found an abundance of shops that you guys would like!

An Etsy Christmas Contest


– Over $750.00 worth of prizes – 2 winners
The Sponsors:
This and That – $20 gift card
Red Pajamas – Little Man’s Tie ($8)
Baby Luv Gifts – Cute Custom Beanie ($15)
Baby Bears – $25 gift card
My Custom Baby Boutique – $25 gift card
Baby Goin Places – PocketChanger Diaper Changing Pad ($25)
Layla Legs – $15 gift card & free shipping
Second Story Window – $10 gift card
Inspiring Color Tie Dye – Youth pullover hoodie rainbow diagonal or swirl ($30)
Baby Peas – boy or girl cloth play blocks- set of 4 ($18)
Abby Chase Designs – Lotus Hair Flower ($13.50)
Tadpoles and Tutus – $20 gift card
Make it and Love It – onesie/bootie set of choice (14.99)
Four Dog Day – Cute Pink Key Ring ($8)
Jupita – $20 gift card
Zeba – Coin Pearl Earrings ($20)
Jodi Horgan – $25 gift card
One of a Kind Custom Jewelry – $20 gift card
Across The Pond – choice of any vintage button ring ($14)
Kerstin Hanson – $20 gift card
Bath and Body
Krug’s Eco-Logic – $15 gift card
Indulgent Creations – Soy candle travel tin, soap and lotion ($16.50)
koko candles – holiday brownie cupcake candles ($25)
Dazzle Dott – $20 gift certificate
Especially for Mom
Mary Zoom – Pink Polka Dot Glam Cleaning Gloves ($10)
Maggie Sue Designs -A cup cozy and coordinating set of Tame Your Mane ponytail holders ($12)
Gaia Conceptions – “My Everything” piece (clothing, $40)
BoojiBoo – apron of winners choice (only ones in stock, $28.75)
Yummy Treats
A Sugar Affair – $10 gift card
Cakebox Cookies – $20 gift card
A Thyme 2 B Comforted – $25 gift card
Double Dipped Sweets – $20 gift card
KE Cookies – One dozen chocolate chip cookies ($8)
AngelPie Cookies and Cakes – One dozen decorated sugar cookies ($18)
Meg’s Creations – 2 pack of cookie and brownie mix ($24 including shipping)
Cookie Art by Sarah – One dozen sugar cookie snowflakes and $25 gift certificate ($53)

Paper Crafts
Paper Treasures 4 U – 2 page 12”x12” Christmas layout ($9)
Inkspot Workshop – 1 Set of 6 Snowman Gift Enclosures 1 Set of 6 Tree Bird Gift Enclosures ($12)
Take Note – 1 set of personalized notecards ($15)
Articulations – 6 lunchbox love mini cards ($5)

{December 2, 2008}   The second giveaway!!!

Here is the second giveaway! (finally, right?!) The owner of was very kind to send me Autism Awareness goodies and I can’t wait to give some of them to YOU! I would recommend visiting her site too, she sells many different kinds of awareness items and the money she raises goes towards her Autistic son’s therapy. Here’s the goodies being given away (click on them to see the store listing):

Gift from God bracelet

Gift from God braceletAutism Awareness Puzzle Piece Ribbon and Charms Key Chain

Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Ribbon Tack Pin

Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Ribbon Tack Pin


Autism Awareness Bookmark

Autism Awareness Bookmark

Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Ribbon and Charms Key Chain

Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Ribbon and Charms Key Chain


Pretty, right? How do you win? You can enter up to three times with comments!
1. A fact about Autism and the place you got the fact from.
2. How does Autism affect you? (think about it)
3. A question you have about Autism.
Edit: Forgot to add, this giveaway ends December 20th. 🙂

{November 15, 2008}   Yet more questions answered!

Keep an eye out tommorow for the next giveaway! It is Autism Awareness themed, quite a few nice goodies.

Flared0ne asks: What do you think about tools to help keep track of entries (like the structure some sweepstakes sites create, with flags and counters and public notes, etc) — any favorite approach you recommend?

I love the MySweeps feature on because I am so horrible at remembering the last time I entered something. It lets me know what I’ve already entered and when so I don’t disqualify myself! I stick with that site for my sweepstakes because of that feature. (well, and the message boards because of the awesome people there!)

Kerri asks: and do you work? and if you do how do you find time to sweep?

No, I don’t currently work so I have a lot of time on the computer. Entering contests and sweepstakes is probably more productive than playing games on the computer though, it helps me get things like Christmas presents that I probably couldn’t afford.

Elizabeth Ray asks: Have you been to any Sweepstakes Conventions?

No, I don’t have a way to get to them since I don’t drive.

{November 13, 2008}   Some questions are answered…

Lorie Corron asks: Where can we buy your book?

I think people misunderstood me…I’d didn’t write the book, the prize is a book by Carol Shaffer called “Contest Queen”. You can buy it on Amazon here:


Mrs. Mommy asks: What is the most useful item you have ever won besides cash or a car?

Well, I think honestly movie tickets to an advanced screening of Bee Movie. Odd answer, right? My social skills are terrible and it helped me get out of the house to do something with my sisters that was “cool”.

Donna asks: What is your dream prize?

I’d love to win a scholarship so I could go to a great school in Northern Virginia that right now is just way too pricey!

Jill Miller asks: Does your family support your contesting hobby, or do they think you’re about half nuts?

At first they thought I was nuts. Then they thought it was great. I gave my stepmom a membership to for her b-day and she’s hooked too! My almost 13 year old sister said the other day she can’t wait to be 13….so she can enter the 13+ contests!

{November 12, 2008}   Winner and a deeply felt sorry!

I did not expect to be away from the computer for so long! I will be working on answering the questions and YES THERE IS ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!! The owner of was kind enough to provide some goodies. Keep an eye out this weekend for that giveaway! Also, the reason comments did not appear right away is there is a moderation set on.


Oh….I’m forgetting something aren’t I? What’s that you say? OH! The winner is…


{November 2, 2008}   A giveaway!

I am giving away my copy of “Contest Queen” by Carol Shaffer!



This is a great book with lots of info and tips on contests and sweepstakes! (one of my hobbies)

All you have to do to enter is submit a comment with a question for me to answer here on the blog and an e-mail address! The giveaway will end November 8th at noon! You may enter as often as you want, 1 question a comment. If I get more than 50 questions I will host another giveaway next weekend!

{October 26, 2008}   What is the name for?

Welcome to my blog. The name “More Than A Number” is because too often people are seen as just numbers, not people. I’m not the 1 out of 150 people with Autism, I’m me! I will write whatever I feel like, so it’s a surprise every time I post. I could post 5 times a day or 1 time a week. (more numbers!) Humor, opinions, facts, just whatever! Feel free to comment on anything.

If you’re curious about Autism, here is a helpful chart: (I giggle when I see it though!)

et cetera